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Water Storage Tank Cleaning

CARE Tank Cleaners

We have cleaned the most deepest reservoirs

Mechanized Cleaning and Disinfection of WST by ACCS.

We adopt seven step cleaning process:

Stage I - Cleaning of Surroundings and Dewatering

It is the very first stage of Water Tank Cleaning; we start with deeply cleaning the manhole and surroundings which is usually full of dirt, mud and algae. Dirty Water is harmful for body, health. To get a healthy environment should clean your surroundings. After that we start automatic machine for removing the water from drain and empty the water tank.

Stage II-Sludge Removal

In the Third Stage, Special sludge pump is useful to remove dirty water and sludge from tank. This is done manually.

Stage III -Scrubbing

In this stage by scrubbing the water tank we do manually remove the dirt, fungus and hard stains from the concrete.

Stage IV-High Pressure water Jet Cleaning

This process involves further cleaning of the walls and ceilings in high pressure jet. The ceiling incidentally has a very high concentration of germs and bacteria due to the availability of oxygen and dampness.

Stage V -Vacuum Cleaning

This is the sixth stage. For making the tank totally free from dirt we generally use a Vacuum Cleaner.

Stage VI–Anti-Bacterial Spray

This is the next important process. With the help of our specially developed anti-bacterial agents we do clean the ceilings and inside walls.

Stage VIII–UV treatment

This is the last stage of processing. UV Radiator is used to kill any suspended or floating bacteria remaining in the tank.

Rain Water Harvesting

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Mechanized House Keeping Services

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Floor Restoration & Crystallization

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We Specialise in the Installation of High Quality Floors

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Group Housing And Corporate Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance

Your Building maintenance is carried out only when it is required

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Pest Control

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We care fully evaluate your home's unique problem & create a plan of action to make your home a safe place to be

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Water Treatment Products & Services

Clear water systems Expert service

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